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We carry a broad selection of pure CBD oils and CBD-infused products to to meet your CBD needs. Our products go through vigorous testing to ensure that they are pure, safe, and of the highest quality that can be found on the market.


USA Grown Hemp

Industrial hemp is genetically inferior to medicinal hemp, yet it is defined the same way by the regulatory agencies. Many brands/companies/legal counsel, who still believe that hemp derived CBD must come from overseas to be “fully legal,” are not taking into consideration the 2014 US Farm Bill (section 7606) which created--for the first time since 1937--a federally-legal pathway to growing “industrial hemp” once again on American soil. Our company conforms entirely to section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill and our “medicinal hemp” strain is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture as “industrial hemp.”

Proprietary THC Extraction Methods

We use the super critical CO2 extraction and no external additives in a patented process. This allows us to retain all phytocannabinoids and terpenes for the best effect, while lowering THC from the industrial hemp standard of 0.3%, down to 0.00x%! Our product sets a standard of never containing a hundredth of a percent of the psychoactive component.

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